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The next eight Chimpmaniacs Thanked Steppen Fetchit:

The next eight Chimpmaniacs Thanked Steppen Fetchit:

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The niggers during the coonmercials is bad exactly what I find far worse are the ones with coal burners and you will oils drillers with the really mutants. Pushing miscegenation ‘s the real offense here.

Another step three Chimpmaniacs Thanked LIVERLIPPER:

I remember watching new Andy Griffith Tell you, and something of early ones, too. It absolutely was usually the one where Barney happen to nabs a dangerous crook the state cops try bing search. He previously reviewed indeed there so you can scold him to possess littering, the state cops saw them and hit the siren, the latest crook come to work at but got his legs tied up having Barney’s, and additionally they transpired with Barney on top of him. A short while later, because the state police was hauling off the felon, this new townspeople are announcing Barney a hero, as well as in the back ground try an effective negress. I was quite amazed since, for example We state, it was at the beginning of new show and you may promoting niggers had not taken hold yet and didn’t throw a number of niggers from inside the our face later on.

However, that did not really irritate me personally much. The fresh negress wasn’t undertaking anything defectively unrealistic. It absolutely was merely toward sidewalk, passing by. Today, it could be best if it had been going by inside Botswana as opposed to New york, but provided it had been from inside the North carolina, at the very least it wasn’t murdering, cRapping, robbing (as far as we know) an such like.

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