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17. Mke wa mtu sumu, mume wa mtu maziwa

17. Mke wa mtu sumu, mume wa mtu maziwa

Regardless of how shameless you’re, you can’t fart whenever you are wooing a lady. Lol! Which also thinks of performing that?

If you’re trying to earn a female, might always put your greatest legs submit, farting normally damage it all for you. But so it funny Swahili love price also means there are activities we must mask all of our genuine selves to get to. Wooing simply however, among them.

These types of Swahili terms and conditions discourage males from getting into intimate relationships having partnered females. They results in ‘someone’s spouse is poison, however, a person’s partner was milk’.

Funny, isn’t really it? It ensures that a wedded girl is hazardous when you’re a married kid is actually a resource. A married son is an antidote to the temptress’ trouble.

18. Silaha ni pesa, bunduki ni mizigo tu

Cash is the real gun; a weapon is just baggage. Thus, it quote informs individuals to seek ye first the brand new empire off currency, after that firearms might possibly be additional.

19. Gari si utajiri, ni usafiri

‘An automible actually money; it’s to have travel’. The fact people has actually a car doesn’t make him steeped. A vehicle is simply to have transport and cannot feel a measure of wealth.

This quote after that attracts love for mankind as opposed to paper-going after, and therefore a lot of people value because actual reason behind way of living.

20. Kipara bila pesa ni sito single per incontri cristiani kovu

As bald without currency does mean that you won’t keeps an automible to protect your self regarding the hot sunrays; and therefore it is no a lot better than a mark. it means hair loss versus cash is a remembrance out of most of the sufferings one should read in order to fend having on their own.

21. Ukipenda wasichana wa shule nunulia mkeo sare

‘If you adore university girls, buy college uniform to suit your wife’. You’ll find hitched men whom are unable to wait about having sexcapades having college or university ladies; it estimate is actually for her or him.

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